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 We Clean All Desktop Office Equipment 
Published: 12th Sep 2006

DESKTOP provide an on-site service throughout the Wellington region cleaning your computer, telephones and other office equipment.

Your Office Equipment - builds up excessive dust that settles and remains until it is baked on. Dirt and dust are very abrasive on moving parts like drive heads, keyboard contacts, printer gears etc.

Dirty and unsanitary computers and office equipment are a factor in the spreading of sickness in the workplace.

It is much healthier and enjoyable to work with clean, sanitized office equipment.

Do your customers get the right impression when they see your office equipment or do they see dirty and unsanitary equipment ? Because image is very important in business these days, make sure your customers are getting the right impression.

The answer is a bactericide which cleans and sanitizes surfaces against various strains of pathogenic agents. The sanitizing aspects of the process, will greatly reduce the risk of staff contracting traditional work place ailments, e.g. influenza, common cold.

Many people cough, sneeze and inadvertently spit whilst on the telephone, as well as staff may forget to wash their hands in the toilet areas increasing the risk of the spread of disease.

We offer our service throughout the Wellington region
Let us clean you telephone, computer or fax machine
We will clean all your desktop office equipment.

Kill Disease Causing Germs Now !

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